Police in Two Towns Investigating Possible Serial ‘Peeping Tom' After Several Incidents

Police in Dover and Needham are on the hunt for a suspect who may be a serial "peeping Tom."

Since January, residents in the two MetroWest towns have reported several incidents where a person was seen looking into windows of homes.

Oxbow Road in Needham is one of the few places where a combined four recent peeping Tom incidents have occurred between Needham and Dover.

It's unsettling," says Needham resident Elizabeth McCarthy. "You know as a parent of relatively young children, I don't like the thought of someone lurking around in our neighborhood unwanted."

The unwanted presence has also been seen on both Dedham and Centre Street, which is a little too close for comfort for Needham resident Maryeileen Rose.

"Around here, you think, ok I'm not going to lock the doors, I'm going to do this, do that but it makes you maybe rethink it.""

A suspect was captured on a homeowner's surveillance camera in one of the Needham reports. Police describe the suspect as a man in his late teens or early 20's with a thin build.

Joseph Kaczmarek

Each of the incidents has happened at night where homeowners report seeing a suspect in their back and side yards.

"We certainly keep the shades down, especially when the kids are home."

One thing that's helping reassure residents is the use of surveillance cameras.

At Precious Beginnings Preschool they've got one in the front, two in the side and two in the back. Those are the areas law enforcement says the suspect has been lurking.

"We're prepared for pretty much anything." Rick Garron, who owns the preschool, says.

Residents say they just want the suspect caught.

"My hope is that they find out who it is and they just make sure it doesn't happen."

Needham Police Chief John Schlitter urged residents in both communities to keep their shades drawn at night and to leave external lights on. 

"The biggest concern is we are not sure what the motive is and we are worried about the safety of our residents," said Schlitter. "Just because of the timing and the nature of the incident being in somebody's backyard."

Police say they do believe it will be a tip from the community that helps them solve this investigation, so people are also encouraged to call 911 if they see anything suspicious.

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