Neighbor ‘Would Never Expect' Mother and Daughter to Deal Drugs in Court

Neighbors of a mother and daughter in Massachusetts still can't believe they were allegedly dealing drugs to inmates in the Brockton Superior Courthouse to inmates. But whether they believe it or not, court documents tell a different story.

Dakota Marrow, a curious neighbor living next door, snapped photos Wednesday of Christine Lozanne and her daughter, Tineisha, being arrested in Norwood.

"They basically made a bigger scene that what it was supposed to be," said Marrow, surprised that Tineisha Lozanne refused to go quietly.

"She was very hostile and very belligerent to the cop," Marrow recalled. "She was saying, 'I took videos, you are attacking my family,'" said Marrow.

Court documents allege that "Tineisha became extremely resistant and a brief struggle ensued," and that she "actively resisted arrest, flailing her arms and pulling away."

Marrow said none of it made sense to her. She said it wasn't the family she recognized since they moved in six months ago.

"They love my daughter," Marrow said. "I have a 3-year-old and they seemed like a happy lovey family. I would never expect them to be causing that much problems."

What Marrow didn't know at the time was that the two were allegedly stashing drugs for inmates in the Brockton Superior Courthouse elevator. Police said they'd leave the drugs in the railing of the elevator and then knock on the inmate lockup door to signal they could be picked up. An undercover camera by police caught the transaction.

"It's just very unexpected," said Marrow. "I didn't expect that from them."

Police say they observed Christine talking to officers at the courthouse. Now, three court officers have been put on administrative leave. Prosecutors, however, will not say how or if they were involved. They have not been charged.

Christina and Tineisha Lozanne pleaded not guilty yesterday and were released. They will be back in court in January.

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