Neighbors Save Elderly Man From Burning Home in Methuen

An elderly man has two neighbors to thank for rescuing him from his burning home in Methuen, Massachusetts.

Ronald Tardugno, 94, was unable to get out of his Forest Street home on Monday when it quickly started filling up with smoke.

Realizing he was trapped, neighbor Susan Norton rushed in while another neighbor, Robyn Max, tried to put out the flames.

"He was sitting in the doorway in the den. The lamp and the table in that room were on fire," Norton recalled.

Norton immediately made the decision to put Tardugno over her back and carry him outside.

She said he was dazed and confused, but was overall OK.

"I just needed to get him, I've lived here for 21 years and Roland is like a grandfather to my family so I just needed to get him," Norton said.

Norton said her decision to work from home may have been what saved her neighbor's life.

"My daughter was coming off the school bus and my friend was behind driving and she happened to notice smoke," she said.

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