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New Details in NH Motorcycle Crash That Killed Man, Grandson

According to police, the pair hit a deer on Route 4 before hurtling off the road

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Two men found dead on the side of a New Hampshire road this week have been identified as a 69-year-old man and his 22-year-old grandson who went missing while on a Labor Day motorcycle ride, police said Friday.

According to Boscawen police, Jerry Proper was riding a Honda trike with his grandson, Cody Pillsbury, as his passenger on Monday when the pair collided with a deer on Route 4 south. The impact forced the vehicle onto the side of the road, where it became airborne and landed in heavy brush.

Both men appear to have died on impact, police said.

The pair, who had been reported missing Monday, were found on Thursday.

According to family, Proper and Pillsbury left Newport, New Hampshire, for a motorcycle ride on Monday at 2 p.m, planning to come back in time for dinner. But no one heard from them again.

“He was going to be home around 5 o’clock or 5:30 p.m. to cook dinner for my grandmother,” said Proper’s other grandson, Jesse Ford.

According to police in Newport, crews were searching for the two missing men Thursday when they came across a crash scene in the woods off Route 4 in Boscawen, finding the bodies of two men. The motorcycle that was recovered matched the description of the one involved.

Newport police had been searching since the men were reported missing late Monday night, Chief Brent Wilmot said. They enlisted the help of state police, who conducted an aerial search of the area.

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