Brady on Pats Super Bowl Lll Story: ‘Hopefully We Can Write the Best Ending ‘

Patriots head coach Bill Belichick and quarterback Tom Brady met with the media in Minneapolis Tuesday and both were asked about the team's place in history, as the duo prepares for their eighth Super Bowl together.

"We've got a big challenge ahead this week and this story coach (Belichick) talks about of us writing, hopefully we can write the best ending. That comes with a win on Sunday if we can do it," Brady said.

Belichick continued to sing the praises of the Patriots' Super Bowl opponents.

"We look forward to Sunday, we have a tremendous amount of respect for the Eagles," Belichick said. "Great organization, great team. Again, we're honored to be part of this great game."

Belichick said each of the Super Bowls he's attended has its unique qualities.

"The venues are different, the teams are different, the match-ups are different, and the road that the team has traveled to get here is different, as is the road your opponent has traveled," said Belichick. "They're all good, they're all special and its a hard place to get to. You've got to meet all the competition, got to find a way to withstand it and battle through it, so it's a great feeling to be here"

Brady was asked about the mindset of the Patriots and their ability to overcome deficits like last year's Super Bowl and this year's AFC Championship game.

"There's a great belief that no matter what the circumstance, that we have enough to overcome it," Brady answered. "Hopefully we can get a lead, play from ahead, play on our terms. We talk about that every week, that's really important."

Brady also spoke about the balance between football and his family.

"I think every parent probably thinks about that, worry that you're giving too much time to your job. Sometimes at your job you think you're not giving enough time to your job. I think that's a big challenge for everyone."

He continued about hoping to spend more time with his three children after the Super Bowl.

"I think my kids are looking forward to that, too. There's a lot of early mornings where I'm gone at 5:30 and my wife's got them in the morning, taking them to school, making their lunch, and I realize I've got to pull my end of the bargain during the off-season, so I'm looking forward to that. All my kids will be at the game and I'm really excited about that."

Brady was asked about how he decided to open himself up to the world in his Facebook series "Tom vs Time," which offers a behind the scenes look at his life.

"I thought it 'd be fun and I thought it was a great opportunity."

The third episode of "Tom vs Time" debuted today.

Philadelphia Eagles' head coach Doug Pederson and players Nick Foles, Beau Allen and Vinny Curry are speaking later Tuesday afternoon.

After landing and setting in at the team's hotel, Monday's big event was Opening Night, when players and staff from the teams answered off-beat questions along with the normal football-related ones.

"This could never get old," Brady told his old teammate Willie McGinest during an interview Monday night.

Super Bowl LII, the eighth of the Brady/Belichick era, will air on NBC10 Boston on Sunday at 6:30 p.m.

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