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Coworkers Surprise Single Dad With New Car

Justin ' Tiny' Pickering was given a pleasant surprise, Friday, when his coworkers handed him the keys to a new car.

Workers at Longhorn Stakehouse in Haverhill, Massachusetts, created a memorable day for a beloved cook and brought dozens of people to tears.

The man got an unexpected gift from his coworkers who say this hard-working, New Hampshire dad deserves a break.

When Justin Pickering's coworkers heard that his old car didn’t pass inspection - and he didn’t have the money for a new one – they started fundraising.

“Everyone just started giving money, like a lot of money,” Fabiano said smiling.

Two weeks later, the Longhorn team handed Pickering the keys to his new car.

Tiny, Tiny, Tiny, Tiny,” the crowd chanted.

The man everyone calls “Tiny” has a larger than life personality and a heart that’s even bigger.

“Just a hard working guy, does a lot for everyone,” said his coworker Amber Hallisey.

“His kids are the world to him,” said his former coworker Jennifer Reardon.

“When there’s a good person like that, you always want to help them out,” said another fellow employee Tiffany Fabiano.

“I’ve never had anything like that happen to me before,” Tiny said through tears. “I don’t know what to say.”

His coworkers even had enough money to fill the backseat with backpacks and goodies for his two little boys.

“He always comes in, works hard, and has a lot of fun,” said Longhorn Managing Partner Chuck Boullianne. “He a great father, he’d do anything for his kids, but the poor guy never gets a break.”

As a single dad, caring for two children, and working full time as cook, Tiny admits, life isn’t always easy – but you’d never know it.

“I think of my boys, as long as everything is going good for them, that’s all that matters,” Tiny said.

It’s proof that when you spread positivity, it’s bound to come back in the most unexpected ways.

“I love every single one of you,” Tiny said. “Today I am definitely living the dream.”

Tiny was waiting on his tax returns to put toward a new car, but he says now, he will take that money and do something special with his kids.

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