New Hampshire

New Hampshire Man Facing Animal Cruelty Charges for Choking, Punching Dog

A New Hampshire man has been accused of choking and punching his dog as he was trying to get the animal into his car.

Police arrested 59-year-old Joseph Driscoll on a misdemeanor cruelty to animals charge Monday. It wasn't immediately known if the Brookline resident had a lawyer and a phone number wasn't in service.

Police say a witness said Driscoll was trying to get his dog into his car last month at a store parking lot and was twisting its chain collar, causing it to yelp. Police say another witness said Driscoll punched the dog in the ribs two or three times.

When Driscoll was arrested, the mixed-breed dog was found chained outside wearing a prong collar, with temperatures in the 20s. He's expected to be arraigned on Jan. 23.

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