New Hampshire Remembers John McCain

Senator John McCain made several stops through New Hampshire during his two presidential campaigns, chatting with voters at diners and rallies, before twice sailing to primary victories in the fiercely independent state.

The Arizona senator, people said, used to refer to New Hampshire as his “second favorite state,” second only to his home state.

“Being able to say that I was one of the people who got to stand with John McCain is really a privilege,” said Jennifer Horn, the former chairwoman of the New Hampshire Republican Party. “He was something that America needs today, and that I think we’re quickly losing, and that makes me sad.”

“He has the whole picture of a politician,” said state Senator Chuck Morse. “He didn’t spend all his time talking about taxes or social issues. He just wanted to talk to me about me.”

McCain’s Senate colleagues have also paid tribute to the late senator.

Senator Jeanne Shaheen wrote on Twitter, saying in part: “I’m heartbroken by the passing of my friend and colleague, Senator John McCain.

Senator Maggie Hassan also wrote on Twitter, saying in part: “From his service in the Navy to his years in Congress, John always fought for our country with honor and distinction.”

New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu also released a statement on Twitter, calling McCain “an American hero and honorary Granite Stater.”

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