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‘New Hampshire's Card for Ukraine' Garnering Thousands of Signatures

Sending a greeting card to the people of Ukraine might seem like a gesture too small…. So, the Conant family went big

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A New Hampshire family has come up with a big idea to send their support to Ukraine.

The Conant family, of Hampton Falls, is taking a traditional gesture and making it larger than life.

Sending a greeting card to the people of Ukraine might seem like a gesture too small…. So, the Conant family went big.

“We’re proud to offer this to the people of New Hampshire,’ said Jim Conant.

Jim, along with his wife and son, created The New Hampshire Card for Ukraine.

“It gives everyone an opportunity to do something unique, to write a message of support, because a lot of people can’t afford to make monetary donations,” he explained.

Standing at 8 feet tall and 12 feet wide, the greeting card is larger than life, but still barely big enough for the thousands of Granite Staters who want to send a message.

Over the last month, the card has made stops at schools, colleges, malls, and town halls.

It’s now at the New Hampshire State House Welcome Center where Virginia Drew works.

“What’s been touching is people’s reaction,” she said. “A few people just stopped short and it left them speechless.”

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It’s been signed by Gov. Chris Sununu and congressional leaders, but for Jim, the most impactful words come from the kids.

“One little eight-year-old girl wrote, ‘I hope Russia stops bombing you,’ and that was certainly something for an eight year old to write," he shared.

Hope, strength, and support, being sent to Ukraine with love, from the people of New Hampshire.

“We might not be able do something substantial, but sending thoughts and wishes is an important thing,” Drew said.

The Conants will present the card to the Ukrainian Ambassador to the US.

Eventually, at the appropriate time, they plan to send the card to Ukraine for a permanent exhibit.

To sign the digital card, you can go to or to the card’s Facebook page, just search, “New Hampshire Card for Ukraine.”

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