New ‘Escape Room' Restaurant Combines Food, Drinks and Puzzles

Those looking for a unique spin on dining out can look forward to a new restaurant coming to next month that combines food, drinks and team-based puzzle room challenges.

Skeleton Key will open soon at Market Street in Lynnfield, Massachusetts, bringing three different "escape room" games, which require players to find clues and solve puzzles to escape from a themed room.

Skeleton Key will feature these three 60-minute games:

  • Scarab, where players must seek a magic amulet and travel to a pyramid to solve an ancient curse.
  • Starry Night, which has players pulling off an elaborate caper to steal the world’s most valuable painting.
  • Virus, where a pandemic threatens to kill off mankind and players must work to create an antidote.

The website for Skeleton Key says up to eight people can take part in an escape room.

You’ll be paired with other people if you don’t have a full group, but will also have the option of buying out a whole room for a game. Any age is allowed, but staff recommends a minimum age of 10.

In addition to the escape room games, the restaurant has a family-friendly bar and lounge.

"We think this is really important because after you play, what you want to do is hang out with your group and talk about the experience," said Founder/Chairman Ray Weaver.

The restaurant also has a museum of curiosities, where you can "plan your next adventure by looking through our game posters and retro flip dot display, or send a message to the spirit world via our pneumatic tube system."

"We want to be a fantastic, fun time for friends, family, social groups, and corporate outings," said Weaver.

Skeleton Key does not yet have prices listed on its website.

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