New Hampshire

New Retail and Residential Community Coming to Salem, NH

A new retail and residential community is coming to downtown Salem, New Hampshire.

The 170-acre complex replaces the former Rockingham Park, once a horse racing track. The new Tuscan Village will be 2.7 million square feet once its complete.

"All of this was just a vision," Faro said, a vision which is now coming to life.

The north end of the village is under construction on the first 50 acres that developer and Tuscan Brands Principal bought in 2016.

"You can see a 250-unit apartment building," Faro said.

One the other side of the site, villas that look like town homes are going up. Faro says the big vision is much larger.

"You've got restaurants, entertainment, movie theaters, hotel, 750 residential units," he said.

The Village plans also include an almost 1 million square foot medical center, independent living facility, grocery store and car dealership.

This project also promises to bring in much needed tax revenue to the city, which is making plans for how the new project will impact its infrastructure.

"Water and sewer improvements, drainage improvements, there was some flood plan out there, so there’s all sorts of challenges and we’re working through them," said Salem Planning Director Ross Moldoff.

"It’s going to be transformational for not just the community, the region, but for the state of New Hampshirein in general," Faro said.

The target date to complete the entire complex is 2021.

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