New Technology at Logan to Speed Up Screening Process Ahead of Holiday Rush

As 6.4 million people get ready to travel by air ahead of Christmas, new technology at Boston's Logan Airport will help speed up the screening process for some passengers.

AAA estimates 107.3 million Americans will travel by planes, trains, automobiles and other modes of transportation during the year-end holiday period from Saturday, Dec. 23 through Monday, Jan. 1.

The high number of people traveling by air makes airports like Logan extremely busy.

A wintry mix headed to the area is also expected to complicate travel as well. But some travelers at Logan so far have been taking it in stride.

"Being from Wisconsin, I'm used to dealing with the weather," said traveler Nick Guyette, who lives in Walpole, Massachusetts. "We've had good and bad ... it is what it is. You just deal with it. Living in the Northeast and going to the Midwest, you expect it happens."

With Thursday expected to be one of the busiest days, MassPort is set to unveil new automated screening lanes to help speed up the time travelers spend in line. The technology includes larger bins, automated belts, and bin returns.

"This state of the art checkpoint technology improves security, process, and efficiencies while decreasing the amount of time travelers spend in the screening process," said Bob Allison, TSA Federal Security Director for Massachusetts.

The technology will only be available in terminal C for now but will be expanding to terminals A and B at some point.

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