Newton Man Searching for Bike With Special History

”I’m going to do whatever is necessary to try to get the bike back.”

Allen Steinmetz knows he has no one to blame but himself after selling an old bike with a special family history for his wife.

”People, maybe men in particular in married life, make stupid mistakes and this could be a lesson for others,” Steinmetz said.

The bicycle in question is a French Motobecane, except it’s designed for women and has straight handle bars. Steinmetz’s father-in-law lived through the Holocaust, deciding to enjoy only the best in life as a statement about his survival. That’s why he bought his daughter Sarina the Motobecane when she was 16, and not a Schwin.

“He bought it so she could be proud and she could stand out,” Steinmetz said.

The Newton Centre resident was getting things together for a yard sale at his home last weekend when he noticed his neighbor having one. Instead of waiting, he pulled the bike out and sold it to a man in a SUV, not thinking of the sentimental value to his wife.

”I’m going to do whatever is necessary to try to get the bike back,” he said.

Signs have gone up around the neighborhood where Steinmetz lives, pleading for the bike’s return. National news outlets have called and even John Kerry —in tweet — is asking people to help find the bike.

“It’s not about me. It’s what’s important to make my wife feel whole,” Steinmetz said.

Depending on the weather, he does plan to have his yard sale this weekend, hoping the man who bought the bike will come back looking for more.

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