DA: 28-Year-Old Drowns in Newton's Crystal Lake

A 28-year-old man died after apparently drowning in a Newton, Massachusetts, lake overnight Wednesday.

Authorities with the Middlesex district attorney's office and the Newton Fire Department confirm first responders went to the scene at Crystal Lake on Lake Avenue just before 2 a.m.

A group of five people who had been swimming had lost track of one of their friends, and called 911 when they realized he was missing, according to fire officials.

The unidentified man had been unaccounted for between 20 to 25 minutes before he was found in the water by firefighters.

He was taken to Newton Wellesley Hospital, where he was pronounced dead, according to the DA.

Authorities add there was no lifeguard on duty in the area.

Foul play is not suspected, but an autopsy will determine the man's cause and manner of death.

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