NH Group Returns From Bringing Supplies to Ukrainian Orphans: ‘We Can't Wait to Figure Out What's Next'

Common Man for Ukraine, a nonprofit based in New Hampshire, has traveled to the war-torn country four times since Russia's full-scale invasion, with a fifth planned in April

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Common Man for Ukraine, a New Hampshire-based nonprofit, has returned from a successful trip to the war-torn country after delivering much-needed aid to children.

Co-founder Susan Mathison says the return home is bittersweet.

"Quite a journey," she said. "Just lots of emotions, both positive and negative."

While there, the volunteers delivered a dozen trucks' worth of supplies, including 22 tons of food, books, sleeping bags and generators.

"Common Man for Ukraine" raised more than $2.5 million, which translated to 750 tons of food, clothing, sleeping bags, generators, trauma centers, and more to help Ukrainian children.

The donations were distributed to 14 Ukrainian orphanages and a home for the elderly.

This marked the nonprofit's fourth trip to Ukraine since Russia's full-scale invasion last year. This one also fell on the anniversary of the war. But the group says they are not done yet. Co-founder, Alex Ray, says,

"We can't wait to figure out what's next," said co-founder Alex Ray. "We had $2 million we never thought we'd get there."

Common Man for Ukraine has announced yet another initiative in hopes of providing even more help. It is called "4/4: Feeding Children of War." The goal is to raise $444,000 by April 4.

"We can feed a child in Ukraine for $44 a month," said Mathison. "We're here to stay. Going to stay on. There's more good to do."

They say that amount will allow them to feed 10,000 orphans and displaced children for an entire month. This new goal is part of the next phase of the group's mission to raise $10 million in aid in 2023.

"First thing, I think, is I'm still very angry about what's going on," Ray said. "But second is, 'What can we do?' And the children and the families are the number one task."

The organization plans to make its fifth trip to Ukraine in April.

To learn more, visit or text "COMMONMAN" to 53555.

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