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NH High School Condemns Students' Video Mocking George Floyd's Death

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An investigation is underway in Kingston, New Hampshire, after video surfaced on social media of two local high school students reenacting George Floyd's death.

Sanborn High School has condemned the video, in which two of its students are seen laughing as they seemingly mock Floyd's death.

One student is on the ground, the other is standing above him, kneeling on his neck, with a gun to his head.

It was posted to social media Monday afternoon, and according to school officials, community members started reporting it right away.

Olivia Bunting saw it in her newsfeed.

"When I saw it, it made me feel uncomfortable," she told NBC10 Boston Wednesday. "A lot of people are unaware and insensitive to the situation going on."

In a statement, the Sanborn Regional School District wrote, in part,
"The Sanborn High School and School District condemn this insensitive and offensive conduct. Conduct of this nature is unacceptable and has no place in our schools, in our community, or in our country. Although this event did not occur during school, we are committed to taking an active role in combating racism and social injustice."

Bunting said she just recently returned from a Black Lives Matter protest.

"It's such an important thing that's going on right now and a big movement that really matters to a lot of people," she said. "Seeing people take it as a joke, it really hurts."

School officials say while only two students are seen in the video, three were involved, and all of them are minors.

NBC10 Boston reached out to Kingston Police, but has not heard back.

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