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NH Judge Arrested for Allegedly Falsifying Documents, Lying About It

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A New Hampshire judge was arrested Thursday on felony and misdemeanor charges tied to allegations she changed her orders in a family court case, authorities said.

Circuit Court Judge Julie A. Introcaso, a 56-year-old from Bedford, faces two felony charges of falsifying physical evidence, two misdemeanor charges of falsifying physical evidence and another misdemeanor charge of unsworn falsification, the New Hampshire Attorney General's Office announced Thursday.

The case had already prompted the state Supreme Court to put Introcaso on leave. The court referred the case to state prosecutors in October.

Prosecutors said Thursday that Introcaso applied white-out fluid to handwritten orders from 2019 after she was notified that the New Hampshire Judicial Conduct Committee filed a proceeding against her last year. She's also accused of lying about obscuring those orders.

Introcaso's arraignment date was not immediately set, according to prosecutors. It wasn't immediately clear if she had an attorney who could speak to the charges.

Last month, the Judicial Conduct Committee had set a Feb. 16 hearing date for Introcaso's case. The body previously brought eight charges against her as well, including failure to comply with the law.

The case stems from a complaint by one of the parties in the case, according to the Judicial Conduct Committee's summary of the facts. Introcaso had approved the appointment of a friend of hers to a role in the case, then ruled in the friend's favor in a dispute that arose.

Introcaso later acknowledged a conflict of interest in the case and recused herself, but after the complaint was lodged, two documents that allegedly involved that conflict were altered. Introcaso didn't report the changes to the documents.

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