New NH Primary Poll Is Interesting for Everyone at the Bottom

Sixteen candidates didn't even register 1%, with a debate deadline looming

A New Hampshire primary poll released this week is noteworthy, not so much for identifying the now-familiar top tier — Joe Biden at 21%, Sen. Bernie Sanders at 17% and Sen. Elizabeth Warren at 14% — but for the 16 candidates who didn’t even register 1%.

That includes former Rep. Beto O’Rourke, Sen. Amy Klobuchar, Julian Castro and Rep. Seth Moulton.

Asked if Moulton or his team had ever talked about possibly dropping out, he said, “No, we’re talking about what we need to do to make sure that our message, which is clearly resonating on the ground, resonates to a broader audience.”

Moulton said he has done better in other polls and that the Democrats' debate threshold — which he has yet to meet — is not reflective of what is happening on the ground, where it counts.

“So, if your question is, you know, 'Seth, when do you choose to quit?' I mean, I’m not a quitter," Moulton said.

Five other candidates besides Biden, Sanders and Warren registered in the New Hampshire poll by Suffolk University, all in single digits.

Candidates who aren’t able to make the third debate stage in September need to ask themselves, “Are you getting to a point where staying in the race is going to lead to an outcome you don’t want? Is there a candidate who might be boosted if you dropped out?" Saint Anselm College professor Chris Galdieri said.

The Democratic field of 24 will no doubt shrink by next month, but with the New Hampshire poll showing 21% undecided, Moulton is pushing forward.

“The overwhelming reaction I’ve heard from the last two debates is well, we really don’t know who the nominee is. Who the nominee should be to take on Donald Trump,” he said.

Biden, Sanders and Warren certainly looks solid here in New Hampshire but the granite state is known for its primary surprises and that’s what many of the other candidates are banking on.

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