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NH State Rep. Denies Starring in Adult Film, Assaulting Producer

A New Hampshire state representative is being accused of starring in an adult film and then assaulting the producer because he was unhappy with the final product.

Frank Sapareto has represented Derry for years. When NBC10 Boston's crew spoke with him Tuesday at his home, he vehemently denied all the accusations against him.

Video sent to us by the plaintiff's attorney allegedly shows Sapareto at the beginning of an adult film. Sapareto tells us the video has been altered.

"This is me, but that's not me in that situation," Sapareto told NBC10 Boston.

Sapareto also says the screenshots sent to NBC10 Boston are photoshopped.

The seven-term Republican state representative says he made a bad business deal with a man named Jonathon Carter out in California.

"This guy is a scam artist," Sapareto said.

Now, he says Carter is extorting him a week before Election Day.

"He wants more money and since I wouldn't pay him, he said he would destroy my political career, and now he's following through on it," Sapareto said.

In a phone interview, the plaintiff's attorney, Eric Dubin, says after filming the X-rated movie back in June, Sapareto went to Carter's home and beat him up.

"He apparently got upset with the way his adult scenes went," Dubin told NBC10 Boston. "They didn't go very well, and the next day, he appeared at my client's house and attacked him."

Authorities in California didn't have enough evidence to charge Sapareto with assault, so now Carter is filing a civil suit.

Sapareto's colleague, Rep. Al Baldasaro, is confused by the photos, but says the allegations of violence are even more concerning.

"I am disappointed, I am shocked that he would even be involved in that," he told NBC10 Boston Tuesday. "That's not the Frank I know."

Sapareto stands by his denial and is hoping his constituents will stand by him next Tuesday.

"It's ridiculous," Sapareto said. "This is just a political hit a week before the election.

Sapareto says he will be getting a lawyer and suing Carter for extortion.

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