NH Weighs Elizabeth Warren's Potential Candidacy

Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts has plenty of fans in the neighboring state of New Hampshire, a big plus as she plans a presidential bid.

Ed Steenbeke of Laconia says he likes what Warren believes in and that she's a people person.

Kathy Drown of Webster says she loves the way Warren stands up to the establishment.

But Drown is not sold yet.

"I just want to learn more about her," she said.

Political analyst Scott Spradling says Democrats are not yet exactly sure what they are looking for in a candidate.

"They definitely want someone with a little bit of that fight to go up against Donald Trump," Spradling said.

That is why some voters appreciate when Warren goes toe to toe with the president.

"I think that she should be stepping on his toes," Steenbeke added.

"I think they're also looking for someone who is calm," Spradling added. "Who's not going to lose his or her temper."

"What sounds exciting in January 2019 may actually be stale and not appropriate in January 2020," said Democratic activist and New Hampshire radio host Arnie Arnesen.

Arnesen says Warren's stock as a candidate will rise if the economy takes a downturn in the months leading up to the New Hampshire primary, playing into Warren's expertise.

"Which is income inequality, economic justice, what is happening as a result of the over reach of Wall Street," Arnesen said.

And does Arnesen think Warren could have her vote?

"Absolutely," she said. "But, there's Beto [O'Rourke] mania here, there's Amy Klobuchar mania here, I hear a lot of really interesting names coming up."

One thing most New Hampshire Democrats agree on is that there are many more candidates they want to get to know and experience, in person, before they make any decisions about 2020.

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