Nonessential Water Use Ban Imposed in Lynn

The City of Lynn said warnings will be given for first offenses

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The residents of Lynn, Massachusetts, have been banned from using nonessential water after the reservoir that serves the city's drinking water supply dropped below 51% of its maximum capacity, the city said.

The mandatory ban is apparently indefinite -- the City of Lynn said residents will be advised when the reservoir levels have increased.

"The Lynn Water and Sewer Commission requests the cooperation of all Lynn residents, municipal departments, restaurants and businesses in conserving water as part of an effort to relieve demands on the drinking water supply," the city said in a press release Wednesday.

An updated drought monitor released Thursday shows there's still a large area of severe drought in southern New England.

Lynn's commission has identified a number of requirements in order for the community to conserve water.

All outdoor water use has been banned. The Lynn Department of Public Works has been asked to shut water off for sprinkler use in parks, playgrounds, and flower beds, and at the Gannon Municipal Golf Course.

Repairing any leaks will be a top priority item.

Fire hydrants should only be used for fighting fire and for water quality purposes.

Restaurants can only serve water when it's requested.

The city said warnings will be given for first offenses. Fines or termination of service will be issued for repeated violations.

The commission also included these additional conservation tips and said it appreciates everyone's efforts in conserving water.

  • Check for leaks in pipes and faucets.
  • Don’t let the water run while brushing your teeth or shave.
  • Limit your shower to 5 minutes. Also, install a water-saving showerhead that uses 2 ½ gallons per minute.
  • Place a toilet bag in your toilet tank.
  • Use faucet aerators to cut consumption at your kitchen and bathroom sinks.
  • Use your dishwasher and laundry machines only for full loads.
  • Keep a pitcher of cold water in the refrigerator instead of running the water from the tap until it gets cold.

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