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Nor’easter Hammers Coast, Brings Snow Inland

A nor'easter created messy conditions across New England Monday into Tuesday.

Along the coast, neighborhoods were flooded in Scituate, Massachusetts. Emergency crews were on standby as utility crews checked the infrastructure, some roads being closed because of the water.

None of that stopped people from watching the spectacle of giant waves crashing over the sea wall.

"We saw rocks come over the wall," said Christopher Zicuis of Cohasset. "We didn't even think about that. We're like, 'This is really getting kind of dangerous here."

Over on Plum Island, on Massachusetts' North Shore, residents are also used to severe weather, but it still caused concerns.

"She's blowing pretty good," said Ron Barrett. "My house shook all last night."

Barrett's family has lived in the area since the 1920s. He's no stranger to the wind or the waves.

"I'm glad it's not snow," he said. "We had a lot of trouble when we had snow like this."

That was not the case further inland. A mixed bag of snow and slush made for a slow, slippery start to the morning in Fitchburg.

People had to dig out from the snowfall overnight. The precipitation shut off by late morning, leaving behind about four inches of heavy, wet snow, making it messy to get around by car or by foot.

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