Survivor of North Attleboro Stabbing Describes Pain of Seeing Best Friends Die

"The only thing that's gonna help me get over this is knowing that kid's going to spend the rest of his life in jail and suffer for what he did"

The 21-year-old who survived being stabbed seven times at a home in North Attleboro, Massachusetts, last week is telling NBC10 Boston exclusively about the attack, in which he lost his two best friends and nearly died himself.

Erik Lundstedt said he watched Daniel Randall slit one friend's throat before attacking the other friend and himself during what was supposed to be a "typical 21st birthday" of video games and music Thursday night at Randall's house.

Lundstedt is in incredible pain from his head to his abdomen but said the emotional pain of seeing his best friends die is worse.


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"If you saw two of your best friends die right in front of you and you tried your best to help them out but they didn't make it and everybody looks at you like you're a hero — you don’t really feel like a hero," he said.

Randall is in jail on murder charges after the other two victims, 21-year-olds Aidan Hanrahan and Joshua Lemken, died.

Randall has claimed the stabbing was in self defense.

It wasn't Randall's birthday, but he'd been feeling lonely, so the three victims went over to his house, Lundstedt said.

The night went normally until Lundstedt noticed Randall had become quiet and had a knife in his hand. Randall was talking to Hanrahan in the corner when he attacked, according to Lundstedt, then turned the knife on the other two when they rushed in to help.

"I got stabbed in the back of my head trying to run away from him to get help for my buddies and I got stabbed right here [on his hand] trying to defend myself against him," Lundstedt said. 

He said that he was even stabbed in the head while he was trying to unlock the door to get help.

Police said they found Lundstedt outside the house bleeding but talking. He was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. The other two were found inside the house.

In the 911 call reporting the triple stabbing, a person requesting help said, "I killed someone," according to court documents. The caller said their "finger is almost half off."

Lundstedt said he's cooperating with authorities.

"The only thing that's gonna help me get over this is knowing that kid's going to spend the rest of his life in jail and suffer for what he did," he said.

Randall is next due in court on Oct. 8 for a probable cause hearing.

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