North End Robber Caught On Camera

Police continue to search for the suspect who robbed a grocery store in Boston's North End Thursday evening.

Surveillance video at Bob's Grocery on Endicott Street shows the armed robber, dressed in dark clothing with a mask, come into the store at about 7 p.m.

He pulls what appears to be a handgun from his waist, holds it to the clerk and then demands money from the her.

Lam Tran wasn't at his family's business when the store was robbed but his cousin Anna was.

"She's actually extremely nervous, scared. I'm not sure she sleep well last night," said Tran.

A customer handed over money from his wallet before collapsing on the counter from fear.

Tran is happy the customer was there for his cousin's sake.

People in the neighborhood consider the North End to be one of the safer parts of Boston and say the robber is probably not from the immediate area.

"Oh yeah. They come from somewhere else, said Josephine Spagnuolo. "It wasn’t a North Ender."

Naz Hasan, who works at a convenience store on Cooper Street, said robberies have been increasing.

"Because this is the North End," said Hasan. "A lot of tourism here. A lot of people come from out of state."

He said his store has been robbed three times in the last few years, including once back in January.

"The guy came out with a gun," said Hasan. "And then looking for money. We had to give them money that's it. We don't argue or anything."

Hassan says Boston police caught the robber in his case. But the man who robbed Bob's Grocery remains at large.

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