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Now a Free Man, Is Bill Cosby Returning to His Massachusetts Home?

Bill Cosby has had a home in Shelburne Falls for decades.

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After Bill Cosby was released from prison Wednesday, he went to his house in Pennsylvania, but he left his home outside of Philadelphia on Thursday. A spokesperson says Cosby will spend a few weeks with his wife Camille at an undisclosed location, and that has many wondering if he is on his way to Massachusetts.

The disgraced actor and comedian has had a home for decades in Shelburne Falls -- where his late son went to high school.

“He's lived here for a long time,” Terry Mew said.

But not everyone is pleased that the Pennsylvania Supreme Court tossed Cosby's conviction as a result of an agreement he had with a prior prosecutor that would have prevented Cosby from being criminally charged in the case.

“Just because he’s an actor or a star, whatever, I think he should have stayed in jail,” she said.

The 83-year-old comedian was two years into a three-to-10-year prison term. The volume of accusations against Cosby and his release on a legal point seem to have informed opinions in the Bay State.

John Ferris, who lives in Shelburne Falls, pointed out, “He had a lot of accusers that found the courage to come forward and he’s getting off on a technicality and it’s unfortunate for all the people that came forward and that takes a lot of bravery.”

Larry Rickles of Hadley agrees.

“I just feel it’s really a sad thing. The MeToo movement was a very important thing and I think this sort of unraveled a lot of the progress that was made,” Rickles said.

As for a Cosby potentially returning to Shelburne, Rickles said, “Him coming here… I guess that’s his right. I mean, he’s a free man. We gotta look at it that way.”

The sexual assault charges that landed Bill Cosby in prison were overturned due to a nonprosecution agreement from a former DA in Pennsylvania. Such agreements are rare, says NBC News legal analyst and defense attorney Danny Cevallos.

Gary Fieldman of nearby Greenfield said he sees no harm in it.

“He’s a messed up guy. I assume he’s a messed up guy and he’s hurt people but right now I don’t see him as a threat,” Fieldman said.

Deb Hoff has mixed feelings.

“I have sympathy for the victims and there’s 60 of them apparently. So I’m sure it’s really hard for them and I have sympathy," Hoff said. "I also feel like enough already. The guy’s 83. We have more important news.”

People in the western Massachusetts town say they seldom see Cosby when he is in residence there.

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