Worcester Police

Officers Attacked in Early Morning Worcester Bar Melee, Police Say

One officer had a large chunk of her hair pulled out, while another was bitten, drawing blood

Multiple police officers were assaulted after being surrounded by a "large, hostile crowd" as they tried to break up several fights outside a crowded Worcester bar that was closing early Saturday morning, authorities said.

Five people were arrested on charges including assault as part of the melee, in which a female officer had a chunk of her hair pulled out, according to Worcester police. Another police officer was bitten in the arm after trying to stop a woman from taking his baton, breaking the skin and drawing blood; others were punched and kicked.

The trouble began around 12:30 a.m. when an officer witnessed a fight break out at the Beer Garden on Franklin St. The bar, which had a crowd of hundreds of people, decided to close for the night and officers helped to clear it, Worcester police said in a statement.

But police describe the scene getting out of hand, as several people in the crowd violently responded to the arrests. Backup arrived, including a K9 unit that was shoved by a man in the crowd before assisting in his arrest.

Beer Garden, which includes an outdoor terrace that is fenced-in from the sidewalk, decided to shut its doors early for the night when a group of people tried to force their way through a gate rather than wait in line, according to an employee who was working at the time.

The arrestees will be arraigned in Worcester District Court on Monday.

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