Saugus Officials Call Off Search for Possible Missing Person

Authorities have called off their search for a possible missing person in a pond in Saugus.

Dozens of people looked on from the side of Golden Hills Road as search crews spent two hours trying to find a missing person in Spring Pond.

"A bunch of ambulances and fire trucks just pull up, and we have no idea what's going on," resident Robert Dooley said.

People heard all kinds of stories, including this one.

"A guy flipped his kayak and that he'd supposedly drowned," Michayla Dooley said.

But it turned out no one ever went under water.

According to Saugus fire officials, kids pushed a kayak into Spring Pond on Golden Hills Road, prompting neighbors who saw the capsized kayak to call 911 for a possible missing person.

"We thought someone was actually dead," Robert Dooley said.

Dooley is glad everyone is okay, but he's annoyed at the kids who caused all the chaos.

"Throw a boat out there and then have it flip and then have everybody here waste their time looking for no one when there could be something serious going on. It's just, it's stupid," he said.

According to Saugus firefighters, Stoneham and Cambridge dive teams as well as Saugus companies responded to the pond Saturday afternoon.

Fire officials say they are now confident that there is no one in the pond.

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