On ‘The Awesomest Day,' 9-Year-Old Honored for Calling 911 to Save Sister

A 9-year-boy in Rockland, Massachusetts, is being called a hero after saving his little sister.

"What was going through my head was I needed to do something so I can save my sister's life," said Joshua Joseph.

Last month, the boy's grandmother was watching him and his 6-year-old sister, Joanne, when the young girl started shaking.

"It was kind of scary," said Joshua. "And not really natural, because my sister doesn't have seizures like that."

Joshua called his dad at work.

"My mother doesn't speak English," said Jonathan Joseph.

It was up to Joshua to dial 911.

"911 picked up and I told 911 my sister's having a seizure so they came over," said Joshua.

He gave them the right address and paramedics were able to give Joanne oxygen.

"Everything was stabilizing, working, functioning," said Jonelle Joseph, Joshua's mother. "Timing was very important."

The timing was perfect. Joanne has made a full recovery.

"I love him and I'm proud of him," said Joanne.

Joshua's heroics have him on the cover of the Boston Herald. At his elementary school, police firefighters showed up to give him two plaques.

The boy called it "the awesomest day."

The Joseph family said the seizure was related to a fever Joanne had.

Jonelle Joseph said this highlights the importance for children to know where they live, how to use a phone and what to do in an emergency situation.

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