One Arrested in Quincy Assault and Robbery

Gail Titus-Jefferson says it never occurred to her she might be attacked in a Walmart parking lot.

"The kid just bumped me," said Titus-Jefferson. "Kind of hard, and I lost my balance and that’s when I fell down."

The 70-year-old had just picked up $200 in cash that had been wired to her at the Quincy Walmart when she was knocked to the ground.

"Next thing I knew another one came running up and both of them took off running," said the Mattapan resident. "I was stunned."

The two men swiped her phone and wallet which had fallen out of her hand.

"I didn’t know what to think," she told NBC10 Boston in an exclusive interview. "My wallet, my money’s gone, my ID, my license, everything was gone."

Police gathered surveillance video at nearby stores where the suspects used her credit cards soon after the robbery.

A tip then led police to Justin Tene of Dorchester who, according to court documents, confessed to taking Gail’s belongings.

"These young kids the way they’re coming up they don’t care," said Titus-Jefferson. "They don’t want to work for anything, they just want to take. I don’t think they care if you’re elderly. If they catch you off guard, they’re going to take from you."

Titus-Jefferson was bruised, but grateful she wasn’t badly hurt.

"I think my feelings were hurt more than anything," she said. “That somebody would do that to you.”

Tene was arraigned on Monday.

The second man has not been arrested, but Tene did identify who he is when he was questioned.

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