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One More Nice Day, Then Tropical Downpours Close In

Saturday makes the fourth nice day in a row since that powerful front swept through with thunderstorms Tuesday.

It's been a gorgeous stretch of weather, but the hours are dwindling.

The same front that moved off to the east on Tuesday is going to come back from the south Saturday night, and be right over us on Sunday.

In addition, there's been a real slow moving powerhouse of a storm in the Midwest producing severe weather day after day. A combination of the offshore front and that Midwest low will bring tropical downpours to New England.

High pressure moves to our east on Saturday, allowing for a wind to come in from the southeast. The wind will have light speeds, 10 to 15 mph, allowing the temperature to climb to the 70s at the beach and 80s inland.

Sunshine fades late in the day along the south coast, and some fog will come into the beaches.

It is not an easy forecast for Sunday. There are going to be waves of tropical downpours sweeping from south to north. With low pressure on a warm front moving into southern New England, wind may gust past 35 mph. There is a gale warning in effect on the ocean.

We may see some sunshine, but when it rains, it can really pour, local flash flooding possible.

It will also be very humid, with the dew points rising to the 70s and high temperatures near 80°.

Wind will let up a bit Sunday night and Monday, but the weather pattern is going to stay tropical with off and on downpours possible each day next week.

That upper level low pressure system over the Midwest is stalled, leaving us with the flow from the tropics. This will result in very moist air pretty much all week long.

Prior to those Tuesday storms, we have been very dry across New England. Now, the pattern is totally changing.

Flooding is likely to occur on and off much of next week. It's too difficult to say exactly when and how much. But we will be calling the play-by-play for you here.

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