One-Third of Boston Students Opt for Remote Learning: Report

More than 70% of students in first grade returned for in-person learning, while just 55% of students in eighth grade did the same

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About one-third of parents in Boston, Massachusetts have decided to keep their children learning remotely at home rather than returning back to school.

About a week and a half after grades K-8 were allowed to return to in-person learning, data shows more than 10,000 eligible students at home, according to the Boston Herald.

The district's superintendent told the Herald that only half the number of students they were expecting to return actually came back. Some parents said they don't trust safety measures at schools, but others said their children were falling behind in remote classes.

The results were not split evenly. More than 70% of first graders returned for in-person learning compared with 55% of eighth graders who did the same.

There was also a differences by race among high schoolers, who still can't come back full time. Of the students learning in-person, about 60% are white, 30% are Asian and 45% are Black and Latino.

Those numbers are being reported as Boston Public School officials consider launching a permanent remote school.

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