Opening Statements Begin in Cambridge Human Remains Case

Opening statements began Monday in the case of a Massachusetts man who is facing charges in connection with the discovery of human body parts found inside a discarded duffel bag.

Carlos Colina, 32, of Cambridge, is charged with murder and improper disposal of human remains in connection with the April 2015 death and dismemberment of 26-year-old Jonathan Camilien, of Somerville.

Colina appeared in Middlesex Superior Court for the opening statements where prosecutors said the remains, including a torso and limbs, were found in a duffel bag outside a Biogen building. A head was found in a recycling bin in Colina's apartment building across the street.

A handsaw and blood belonging to Colina was found inside his apartment, according to prosecutors.

The defense said there was evidence Colina improperly disposed of body parts, but that there was no evidence of murder, suggesting Colina was defending himself in a fight with Camilien, a man he knew.

Prosecutors did not offer a motive, but did say the murder was premeditated. The defense argued it was not.

Following a hearing in May 2015 where Colina pleaded not guilty to all charges, a judge ordered Colina held on $1 million bail.

After hearing the opening statements, the jury in the case headed to the crime scenes. Evidence was not expected to be presented on Monday.

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