‘Overdosed, New England Fights Back’ Airs Tonight on NBC Boston

NBC Boston will air a half-hour special, "Overdosed, New England Fights Back," on Thursday, Oct. 5 at 7:30 p.m.

The program will focus on the opioid-related death rate in New England, its effects on families and the community, and will also highlight what organizations and leaders, including police chiefs, medical professionals, school superintendents, social workers, parents and victims, are doing to fight back.

"Overdosed, New England Fights Back," will also deliver information and resources to help empower families and individuals to take a stand against the opioid crisis and get the help they need.

Brian Shactman, news anchor for NBC Boston and host of "Overdosed, New England Fights Back" is dedicated to showcasing local heroes in our community fighting this crisis,

"As a journalist, this is the most important story in our communities - without question," Shactman said. "Personally, as a father of three, I am frightened by what’s happening. During a post-overdose visit to the home of a mother whose daughter is still struggling with opioid addiction, I asked an officer from the Plymouth Police Department why he was doing this. His response: 'Because I am sick of administering Narcan all the time and bringing these kids back from death.'"

With the Massachusetts death rate surpassing the national average and every community in New England being impacted by this growing crisis, NBC Boston’s in-depth special "Overdosed, New England Fights Back" opens the conversation with police chiefs, medical professionals, school administrators, teachers, social workers, community leaders, parents and victims, who have all had enough and are now joining the fight against the opioid epidemic.

The program will explore the facets of their efforts that are working, from hospitals trying new medical treatments, to prisons treating addicted inmates with innovative care, and it will empower parents to engage with all children on the risks associated with opioids and how to make good choices.

"The numbers don’t tell the whole story," said Maggie Baxter, vice president of programming for NBC Boston. "The opioid epidemic is affecting entire families, workplaces, and our whole community. It is now our duty to take a stand and fight back. All of us at NBC Boston hope that 'Overdosed, New England Fights Back' helps to empower families and individuals that are facing this crisis to stand up and get the help they need."

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