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Parent: Baseball Coaches Discussed Plan to ‘Bean' Daughter to Get Her to Quit

A Madbury, New Hampshire father claims little league coaches planned to hurt his 11-year-old daughter in an attempt to force her off the team.

In a four-page email dated April 7 and addressed to Oyster River Youth Association Board of Directors Chair Ben Genes and city officials, Dan Klein alleges in part:

"Eventually Coach Robar made a comment about "beaning" (her) in practice if she ended up on his team. Shortly thereafter Robar stated more specifically 'If she ends up on my team I'll have (the pitcher) bean her right in the ear hole and she'll quit instantaneously.'"

In his email, Klein alleges that ORYA coaches Troy Brissard and Kirk O'Quinn witnessed the conversation first hand at Libby's Bar in downtown Durham on March 21.

ORYA President John Gill and Majors/Coordinator/Board Treasurer Pete Ventura held a draft to assign players to team rosters in preparation for the upcoming Major60 season, according to Klein.

The New Hampshire father said his daughter was the last player for draft selection and by default was assigned to the team up in pre-determined order, which was the "Phillies."

Klein's daughter is the only girl on the team. Once picked, Klein alleges Phillies head coach Rob Follis said, "this isn't going to go well."

As the conversation worsened, Klein said that Coach Brissard announced he would take the girl on his team.

Klein went on to say that the "ORYA Harassment Policy" states ORYA will not tolerate this kind of behavior. He also quoted the policy saying," The Board of Directors may find it necessary to take immediate action to protect all participants, volunteers and employees pending completion of an investigation."

Furthermore Klein said, "if ORYA does not take immediate action to protect our daughter from Jeff Robar, John Gill, Pete Ventura, and Rob Follis, we will be forced to hold her out of all ORYA baseball activities."

Klein also cited a past ORYA harassment report he made in 2015, stating one of the coaches involved was also one of the coaches who spoke of harm to his daughter.

ORYA is now doing their own investigation.

ORYA Director Matthew Glode sent a statement saying in part, "ORYA feels it is important to question every person who witnessed and/or engaged in that conversation before coming to any determinations."

Durham Town Administrator Todd Selig responded strongly to Klein's email saying," In terms of the alleged incident, the thought that grown men would sit around in a local bar and discuss intentionally 'beaning' a young girl in the head in order to drive just her out of ORYA boy’s baseball is simply unconscionable. We look forward to the outcome of ORYA’s investigation into these serious allegations."

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