Parents Speak Out After Son Is Killed at Construction Site in Woburn

A local couple is speaking out after the tragic death of their son at a construction site in Woburn, Massachusetts, earlier this month.

Thirty-two-year-old Mark Camire was crushed to death while working on the foundation at the Woburn Public Libray on July 11.

Two weeks ago, before he headed out to the library for his second day at this job site, Guy Camire remembers talking to his son.

"'Be careful Mark,'" Guy Camire recalled. "He said, 'don’t worry dad, don’t worry dad.'"

But the next day, police showed up to the house to deliver the horric news.

"I remember police coming up the driveway," recalled Mark's mom, Maureen.

"Three cop cars and there was a plumbing truck and I knew who that was," Guy Camire added.

Mark's parents said he was a kid who loved to play with rocks and who went on to become a union laborer for 13 years for the Schnabel Foundation Company, a subcontractor for W.L. French Excavating.

Described as a generous soul, Mark's parents said he once grew out his hair, only to cut it off to donate to Locks Of Love.

The husband and father of two girls, was a craftsman who loved to build things, including a stone wall that stretches along his parent's Goffstown home.

"Mark loved playing with rocks. That's what he loved," said Guy Camire.

While the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and Massachusetts State Police continue to investigate the exact cause of the accident, Mark's family hopes something like this never happens again.

"It’s loose rock foundation, irregular rocks not mortared in place and you're working with equipment that close... he should have never been in front of that wall," said Guy Camire. "I told them they need to learn from all this and that this can't happen again."

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