Partial Clearings for Now, But Hurricane Florence May Deliver Downpours Next Week

While Florence comes ashore in the Carolinas, our weather here at home continues to improve from this point through the weekend.

The showers, downpours and thunder of Wednesday night into early Thursday morning have departed, and the most we’ll see from this point forward in Southern New England will be isolated sprinkles. Those sprinkles rest beneath stubborn clouds while Northern New England enjoys fair sky and a quiet air.

That same weather – fair and quiet – will gradually push into all of New England for the weekend. We’ll start with some partial clearing in Eastern Massachusetts late Thursday and this evening, then find areas of clouds and fog filling back in overnight.

No bother, the clouds and fog will break apart on Friday within a few hours of sunrise. Of course, with a light wind and ample moisture in the lower atmosphere, the clouds probably won’t entirely disappear on Friday,

However, we’ll at least enjoy a blend of clouds and sun with high temperatures in the 70s for most and near 80 in Northern New England.

Saturday and Sunday only look better – highs around 80, ample sun and quiet weather through the weekend into Monday.

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By Tuesday and Wednesday of next week, an approaching cold front may pick up some of the remnant moisture of Florence, who by that point will have dumped flooding rain across the Carolinas, Appalachians and Lower Ohio Valley. Florence could deliver us some enhanced rainfall by the middle of next week.

Thereafter, briefly cooler air moves in for the end of the week but we’re likely to dry out again in the Early Warning Weather exclusive 10-day forecast.

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