Passengers Stranded at Logan After Aircraft Damaged

A group of passengers were forced to sleep at Logan Airport after damage to their aircraft cancelled their flight Tuesday evening.

Massport officials said there was a "minor incident" on the airfield involving an Azores aircraft and a piece of ground equipment. The aircraft was damaged and the flight had to be cancelled.

There were no injuries.

Azores Airlines released a statement explaining the incident.

"The flight was delayed, passengers were taken off the aircraft and another aircraft was chartered to take passengers to the Azores, Lisbon and Barcelona. The A310 aircraft is scheduled to be inspected and repaired, if needed, today."

The airline added that "due to the late hour and lack of hotels for 200 people, Massport provided cots to rest until a suitable replacement aircraft could be arranged – that aircraft be set to depart this morning."

A passenger tells us one airline employee came in early on Wednesday to help people get on another flight.

"We originally planned to go to Barcelona" with an Azores layover, Socheata Huy said. "Now we are on a 10 am [sic] flight to Lisbon cause that's all that's available it seems."

Huy said they might "ditch" the airline in Lisbon and fly on another airline to Barcelona.

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