Patchy Fog, Frost to Clear for Sunny Conditions

The same high-pressure system that brought us a couple of days of chilly and bright weather is now going to bring us a few days of warmth.

We have some patchy fog and frost out there early Friday morning but that will evaporate very quickly as the sun goes higher in the sky. The temps will climb rapidly into the 70s to 80 degrees by the afternoon.

Wind starts off from the northwest at light speeds and may come locally onshore with a sea breeze, keeping the beaches a little bit cooler. Also at the ocean is a high surf advisory because of Hurricane Humberto. It’s now moving off into the north Atlantic, but sending big waves onto our shore, in the order of 4-to-8 feet.

Humberto is now transforming into a post tropical storm.

Bermuda withstood category three Humberto's blow very well, with only minor damage. However, it’s a different story near Houston, Texas, where more than 40 inches of rain fell from the weak tropical storm Imelda.

Much like Hurricane Harvey a couple of years ago. Imelda came in and stalled right over southeastern Texas with three days of torrential rains. A state of emergency is in effect there.

We may get a little bit of that moisture with the front that comes in here either Monday or Wednesday. But until that front gets here Monday, along with the Autumnal equinox, we have nothing but the return of summer warmth.

It’s going to be near 80 degrees Friday! We’ll be well into the 80s Saturday and Sunday, and possibly Monday, too, before any showers start to cool us off here in our First Alert 10-Day Forecast.

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