Patrick Dempsey Visits Home State of Maine to Thank Supporters of Nonprofit

Two boys got a visit from a Maine-born celebrity Monday.

Patrick Dempsey made a special trip to thank Riley and Bryce Deshaies, who have redeemed hundreds of thousands of bottles to support the Dempsey Center.

The center provides emotional and other types of support for cancer patients for free as they fight their illnesses.

Ten years ago, Bryce Deshaies began collecting the cans at the age of 3 with some help from his mother.

Now 13, and with help from his brother, Riley, the Deshaies have made more than $10,000 in donations to the center.

"It feels good to help the community and people with cancer," said Riley Deshaies.

Since October, the duo have filled five tractor-trailers with returnables that are then donated to Maine's WJBQ radio station, which then makes the donations to the Dempsey Center.

It was during a Friday radio appearance that Dempsey himself first heard about the boys.

"He said, 'Well, I gotta meet 'em,'" said WJBQ morning host Lori Voornas.

It was a meeting made all the more special since the boys fought through their own challenge recently.

In 2018, they were heartbroken when someone stole bags and bags of cans worth thousands of dollars.

With help from community members, the boys still managed to raise $5,000.

Monday, the actor known for playing "McDreamy" on "Grey's Anatomy" got to recognize that effort himself, thanking the boys and seeing their work.

"I'm grateful to be in their company today," said Dempsey.

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