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Patriots Fan Dies After Watching AFC Championship Game

Surrounded by loving family and the jubilant cheers resonating from Patriots nation, 83-year-old Larry Mahoney died Sunday night after watching the AFC Championship game.

"You couldn’t have asked for anything more than that."

It was the Marshfield man's final wish.

"He cared more about Tom Brady’s hand being hurt, than himself in the hospital."

Mahoney died Sunday night at South Shore Hospital after battling pneumonia.

"They actually expected it I think days earlier."

But Mahoney had one final play.

"He wanted to be there for the game and he was."

Even though her dad was starting to fade, Katie Mahoney says he insisted on watching the entire AFC Championship game on TV.

"Come hell or high water, that man was going to see that game."

 At least until they made it to the Super Bowl.

"It was history to him."

And it turned into a nail biter. Late in the fourth quarter, Brady had to engineer a comeback for the win.

"We said, 'they did it for you.' And he said, 'that’s great.' He smiled, and then drifted off to sleep."

While Mahoney's family is still grieving, they are at peace knowing he went out on his own terms, watching his favorite team win.

"It was just great to be with him."

"He fought a long hard battle."

"Loved his family, loved his Patriots. And got to see his game."

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