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Patriots Pride on Full Display at Foxboro Diner Ahead of Super Bowl LIII

Specials include the Patriots waffle and the G.O.A.T omelette

Patriots pride is on full display around New England as the team gets ready to play in Super Bowl LIII, but it's no where more apparent than in Foxboro, home of Gillette Stadium.

At The Commons Neighborhood Eatery, weekend specials include the Patriots waffle and the G.O.A.T omelette, which is named after Tom Brady who has been affectionately dubbed the G.O.A.T (Greatest of All Time) by fans.

It’s hard to find a customer who is not a Brady or Patriots fan, and that was even more true on Super Bowl Sunday.

“There’s no way the Patriots are going to lose,” said Joanne Lespasio of Quincy. “Tom is so fired up, the whole team is awesome.”

The diner often sees a surge in business on Super Bowl Sunday, which is good for its bottom line.

“Want for the Patriots to win,” said Spiros Kalogeras, who co-owns the restaurant with his brother, Chris Kalogeras.

Patriots signs hang all around the restaurant, which was full of customers wearing Patriots apparel.

Even St. Mary’s Church around the corner is hoping the Patriots take the Rams down during the Super Bowl on Sunday.

But the Patriots love is all in good fun.

“Good sense of community. You can talk to anybody about the sports and that’s kind of nice,” said Meredith Merritt of Norfolk. 

Whether the Pats win or lose, Patriots specials will be on the menu at The Commons all week. 

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