Devastating Storm Pattern Settles Down

After two storms walloped New England, Mother Nature has called a truce. Wind is backing off, skies are clearing, and peace returns to the land.

It was a fierce storm. Gusts topped 90 mph in Mashpee as a freakish wind surged overhead at about 5,000 feet. It was called a low level jet, and with winds to 100-110 mph, we were certain damaging winds would result. Accompanied by saturated soils, water-logged trees/leaves and utility poles, it didn't take much for power to go out and roads to close. Flash flooding came to many towns/cities as 2-4" of rain fell in a matter of hours. Thankfully water subsided quickly as the storm pulled away this morning.

So...where is the cold? Doesn't it usually follow the storm? Sometimes, but not THIS time.

Still haven't seen subfreezing temps in Boston or Worcester. Still haven't been threatened by more than a day of below normal temperatures. Still haven't seen the snow expand across Central Canada.

These signals would portend a turn toward winter. Instead, the weather pattern remains locked in autumn. We're not seeing a shift toward long term cold either. A below normal day is coming, but it's due to heavy clouds, not necessarily because of chilly temps.

Enjoy the lull in the action. We all know a winter delayed isn't a winter denied.

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