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Stolen Pickup Truck Seriously Hurts Woman in Crash Outside Boston Public Garden

The black vehicle crashed into and damaged an entrance gate of the garden across from the Four Seasons, and it remained there behind police tape hours later

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A woman was seriously hurt when a stolen pickup truck hit her outside the Boston Public Garden Thursday afternoon, police said. The driver fled the scene of the crash and is on the loose.

Witnesses said a bystander with medical training came to help the screaming victim, whom Boston police said was taken to a local hospital with life-threatening injuries.

Police were called to the intersection of Boylston and Charles streets across from the Four Seasons hotel, at 4:23 p.m., officials said.

The woman was hit by the stolen pickup truck, police said. The black vehicle crashed into and damaged an entrance gate of the garden, and it remained at the scene behind police tape hours later.

The driver ran off on foot, police said. They didn't give a description of the driver or the direction they fled in.

"I heard the screeching of tires, and I looked up and I saw the black pickup truck jump the curb then smash into the fence and posts, and I heard a woman screaming and immediately dialed 911," said eyewitness Donald Saarela.

"I saw someone bolt from the car, really fast," said Paul Kilrain. "Running."

Kilrain was on the eighth floor of the Four Seasons Hotel when he saw what happened from the window.

"My sense was somebody hit somebody and took off," he said.

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