‘People of Interest' Sought in Connection to Vehicle Thefts in Brookline

Police are searching for the culprits that broke into multiple vehicles in Brookline, Massachusetts.

Authorities said the recent break-ins happened on Tappan Street, Gardner Road, Winthrop Road and Beaconsfield Road.

Two "people of interest" were caught on surveillance in one incident just before 4 a.m. Friday attempting to break into a vehicle on Gardner Road. Police are hoping that the public might recognize them.

In the other incidents, police said the culprits rummaged through unlocked vehicles, stealing small items of value such as coins and headphones.

Residents said they find the incidents unsettling.

"I think that's kind of upsetting," said Becca Regis, of Brookline. "Because it's such a safe place. Very close community."

"I for one, always lock the car, so I'm a little ahead of he game compared to some people," said Brookline resident Nate Kerbin. "Brookline is such a neighborhood community kind of place."

Police said the people of interest were both carrying backpacks. One of them was riding a bike.

Anyone with information on the break-ins, is urged to call Brookline Police.

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