Perfect Beach Day

However you want to label the forecast this summer, there's one thing we can agree on: it wasn't as hot as last year.

Nor as dry. While some parts of Maine have edged into a drought, a good part of New England has experienced plenty of rain... so much so it's causing blight on some leaves. While the forecast still has its ups and downs, there's still no sign of pending heat or even a run at 90 degrees in these final weeks of meteorological summer.

In the short term, we're sizing up a gorgeous beach day on Wednesday. Steady onshore winds will usher in less humid air and a lot of blue sky. Breakers and wave sets are incoming to the south-facing beaches in Southern New England. High Surf Advisories are up and there may be rip currents in some places. Take it easy in the water.

Humidity stays suppressed through the end of the week - and the sun stays prominent - but makes a comeback with a few showers Friday and into Saturday. We should still clear out in time for the eclipse on Monday, so timing might be perfect for the big event from 1:30-4 p.m. Get your glasses ready.

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