Conductor Injured at MBTA Commuter Rail Station

A commuter rail employee was seriously injured in an incident at an MBTA station in Waltham, Massachusetts, on Monday afternoon.

The call came in around 4 p.m. for an injured party at the Brandeis/Roberts MBTA station at South Street and Sawyer Road.

A passenger on the train said that as the train was pulling into the station, she saw a conductor tumble out the door. Another witness who was on the platform said he saw the conductor on the ground by the tracks.

Keolis, which operates the MBTA Commuter Rail, confirmed that the injured party was one of its employees.

MBTA Transit Police Superintendent Richard Sullivan said the 29-year-old conductor was doing his standard safety sweep when the incident occurred.

"When the conductors are coming in the doors are ajar. They'll give a safety sweep of the platform to make sure it's clear — and that no one is standing too close to the edge. That’s what he was doing, and for some reason lost footing and fell off train," Sullivan said.

The conductor, a 4-year veteran of Keolis, fell onto the outbound tracks, 15 yards from the platform. He was taken to a local hospital with serious injuries to his left leg.

"I saw him on the ground. He was conscious. I think he was OK but his leg was really mangled, really in bad shape," said witness Richard Saron. "Then the emergency vehicles came around and they took him away but he was talking."

Fitchburg Train 420 was cancelled and passengers were bused inbound between Brandeis and North Station. Several other trains on the Fitchburg line were also delayed.

Motor vehicle traffic was also rerouted on South Street.

The investigation is ongoing.

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