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Pete Frates Calls Trump ‘Racist, Nazi Lover' Over ‘S—hole' Remarks

Pete Frates is apologizing to people from Haiti and Uganda over President Donald Trump's remarks condemning "s---hole countries."

Frates, the former Boston College player who inspired the ice bucket challenge in his battle against ALS, tweeted Friday night, apologizing to friends and colleagues from Uganda for the remarks made by Trump, whom Frates called an "a hole" and "a scumbag, racist, Nazi lover."

"You are a disgrace," he added. "Paul [Ryan] and [M]itch [McConnell] you are weak, spineless and complicit in the disgusting rhetoric from wh."

In a White House meeting with senators Thrusday, Trump questioned why the U.S. would want immigrants from "all these s---hole countries," in reference to Haiti and nations in Africa, saying instead that it would be better if more people from countries like Norway would come to America.

The remarks came a day before the eighth anniversary of the disastrous earthquake that shook Haiti.

"Please Google the twelfth of January in Haitian history," Frates added. "The president sure did not #ImpeachTrump."

Since the ice bucket challenge began in 2014, hundreds of millions of dollars have been raised for ALS research.

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