Petition Seeks Recall of Maine Mayor After Parkland Tweet

Days after Waterville Mayor Nick Isgro tweeted "Eat it, Hogg," referring to Parkland school shooting survivor David Hogg, a petition drive is underway to initiate a recall election.

A group of "concerned citizens," led by former Waterville Mayor Karen Heck, took out paperwork Monday morning to collect signatures for a June recall election. They need at least 857 valid signatures of Waterville residents by May 1. They will be collecting signatures throughout the city, and will have a copy of the petition on file at Waterville City Hall.

"I believe his tweet attacking David Hogg and his recently revealed Facebook posts are clear indications that he no longer feels treating others with respect is necessary," said Heck.

The group said they have been alarmed by the mayor's social media posts for quite some time, but his tweet about Hogg crossed a line.

Isgro's "Eat it" tweet was in response to a story that Fox News was standing behind Laura Ingraham, a host who mocked Hogg for getting rejected from college.

"That is unacceptable and inappropriate for any public official, especially made to a boy that just escaped with his life from a school shooting," said Waterville resident Jim Chiddix.

In a statement Monday afternoon, the Republican mayor expressed that he would not be resigning.

Isgro's statement read:

"I have always been a tireless advocate for you – the people of Waterville – and our record of success speaks for itself. The well-connected and wealthy political elites have a very different agenda for our city and they seek to roll-back our accomplishments we achieved together," Isgro wrote. "This effort they have started with their friends in the media and dark money funded outsiders who do not live in our city is not simply an attack on me, it is an attack on all of us. Since I work for you, the people of Waterville, I want you to know that I will continue to work with you and be a tireless advocate for your families, friends and neighbors."

"Thank you for having my back with your overwhelming messages of support," the statement continued. "I will continue to have yours."

Mayor Isgro provided no proof of his accusations that the group is funded, or working with "friends in the media."

According to the Morning Sentinel newspaper, a spokesperson for Skowhegan Savings Bank said Isgro is no longer employed there. It is not clear if he was fired, or resigned.

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