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Pfizer Postpones Vaccinations for Children Under 5 Until April

NBC Universal, Inc.

Pfizer has stopped it’s request for FDA authorization, for its youngest age group, kids 6 months through four years old.

They say they’re waiting for more information on a 3-dose series of the vaccine instead of a 2 dose as they are expecting the 3 dose, "may provide a higher level of protection."

Experts say it’s like adults, needing the booster.

It's a big disappointment for parents of kids under 5, who've been on a waiting game since the beginning of the pandemic.

In November a vaccine for children ages 5-11 years old was authorized, but unfortunately many won't be able to get their kids vaccinated as soon as they had hoped with this delay.

The company says they’re aiming for April as the new timeline.

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