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Phone App Can Help Get You Shoveled Out In Storms

Are you looking to get your driveway or sidewalk shoveled but really don't want to leave the house? Well there's an app for that.

A Connecticut-based company is behind an application called SnoHub.

Think of it like the Uber of snow removal.

"It's cashless, simple, and convenient. It's simply the best way to order snow clearing today," said SnoHub founder James Albis.

Here's how it works: A user downloads the app to their phone and gets paired with a contractor in the area who is offering shoveling services. A match is made and a time is set for snow removal. For some contractors it's a great way to make some extra money on those cold, snow days.

"I have two commercial parking lots I take care of. I can keep my phone on during the entire storm. I can take 15 minutes to go do a driveway that's five minutes away. I'll go, make a quick 50 bucks, then go back to my commercial obligations," said plow driver Christopher Jenkins.

Much like Uber, the rates do change on a storm-by-storm basis. Charges are based on things like the length of a driveway and just how much snow there is to remove.

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